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Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center, affiliated to the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, provides treatment for a spectrum of mental disorders for adolescents, adults and the elderly, and aims to improve the mental health and functioning of the patients, while providing assistance and support for their families. Treatment is provided through a sense of mission and desire for continuous improvement.

Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center services a catchment area of 500,000 including the population of Haifa and its suburbs, the Krayot in the north, Kiryat Tivon and Nesher in the east, Dalyat el Carmel, Usofiya, Tirat Carmel, Atlit and the Carmel coastal settlements in the south. 


Services offered: 

Inpatient services: Seven departments including an adolescent department, a psychogeriatric department and regional departments.

Ambulatory services for day care including: day care for adolescents, occupational day care, Child and Adolescent Clinic, Adult Clinic and a Psychogeriatric Clinic.

Community based services: Clinics in Tirat Carmel, Kiryat Hayim, Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Ata, Tivon, Nesher, Dalyat el Carmel, Usofiya, Child and Adolescent Clinic in Hadar, Haifa, and a branch in the Kishon Prison, for ambulatory evaluation of detainees.


On the hospital grounds there is an intensive skills training residential unit for patients with functional capacity and rehabilitation potential, who are getting ready to move to housing outside the boundaries of the hospital.  


"Maor" school is an educational setting for adolescents in the inpatient and day care facilities, that integrates mental health care, studies according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and vocational training.  


Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center is affiliated to the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Technion Israel Institute of Technology and serves as a Research and Teaching Center, for specialization in the field of psychiatry for resident physicians and medical students.


Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center is also a recognized by the Council of Psychologists for clinical apprenticeship in psychology. It is a center for clinical field work for students of nursing, social work, psychology, criminology, occupational therapy, drama therapy, and art therapy from Haifa University and other academic institutions in Northern Israel 

At Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center, located in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains in a natural forest, overlooking the sea, there is an emphasis on gardening and aesthetics, to create a nurturing and calm environment that is pleasant for the patients, their families and the staff. Year after year, the hospital wins "stars of beauty" and in 2009 earned the "Flag of Beauty" from the Council for a Beautiful Israel in the competition for a "Pleasant Hospital in Beautiful Israel".  


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Mental health center Tirat Carmel Main Number & Information:

17, ela st. Tirat Carmel 30200, P.O.Box 9

TEL: +972-4-8559204/5

FAX: +972-4-8559216

E-mail: [email protected]

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