The Ombudsman is a person appointed under the Patient's Rights Law 1996 (5756) by the manager of the medical institute, in order to enable receiving inquiries from the patients' population and the general public regarding questions that arise with regard to the work arrangements and conduct of the hospital staff and the exercise of the Patients' rights at the institute. The Ombudsman is a representative of the hospital's manager, who is attentive to public inquiries.
The ombudsman's responsibilities include:
A. Providing advice and assistance to the patient and his family in relation with the exercise of his rights.
B. Receiving complaints from patients, examining them, processing them and providing a response to the applicant.
To this end, boxes were placed at each ward, purposed for inquiries and complaints (both at the open wing and the closed wing). There is also one box at the entrance to the hospital building (management building).
At Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Center, a committee was appointed to handle public inquiries and complaints.
Chairman of the committee - Head social worker _____________.
Committee members - _________________ - psychiatrist, _______________ - Nurse.
Inquiries can be made both in writing and orally.

  • Mailing address: To the chairman of the Public Complaints Processing Committee - Head Social Worker ____________, Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Center, 17 Haela St., Tirat Carmel.
  • Under "Contact us" at the hospital's website:
  • In urgent cases, please contact the chairman of the committee by phone: 04-8559237

Every inquiry is considered in an attempt to provide a solution, whether by consultation, meeting, or transferring the inquiry to the relevant entity.

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