Pharmacy manager and head pharmacist: Kamil Harish

Phone number: 04-8559276

Fax number: 04-8559723

E-mail: [email protected]

General description

The pharmacy constitutes an important and vital link in the everyday work of all the wards at Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Center.


The pharmacy operates using advanced practices that promote medical safety, work efficiency and resources saving, including modern storage techniques and computerized medication ordering, which prevents a shortage of drugs. In addition, the pharmacy works with electronic terminals, which streamline the work and prevent errors in dispensing drugs.


Work in the pharmacy is executed under departmental pharmaceutics, where the head pharmacist conducts a regular weekly inspections at the wards for ordering medications and providing advice.  In addition, there are requests from the wards, when it is required to supply additional drugs.

The responsibilities of the pharmacy are:

  • Providing drug information and monitoring inter-medication interconnections.
  • Ordering drugs for the pharmacy.
  • Physical inspection of the medicine cabinet in the hospital wards and matching the inventory to their ongoing operations.
  • Supervising the drug storage conditions and appropriate labeling.          
  • Monitoring and enforcing hospital policies regarding the use of antibiotics and its integration.       
  • Development and implementation of institutional guidelines [at the ward\hospital level].
  • Participation in the Helsinki committee.
  • Managing and using drugs [MMU-Medication Management use] as part of leading the accreditation procedures [certification under international standards]
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