Administrative and Economy


Members of the Administration and Economy Departments at Maale Hacramel Mental Health Medical Center form the foundation of the Center's activities. They are responsible for a range of services the patients and staff rely on. The activity of the Administration and Economy Department aims to promote a high-quality, nurtured and safe environment for the center's patients, with an emphasis on service and customer and staff satisfaction. The operation of the Administration and Economy function divides into several departments:
Administrative management
Administrative manager:
Office manager: _________________
Phone: 04-8559204/5  |  Fax: 04-8559216

Patient Reception and medical records

Phone: 04-8559247/8  |  Fax: 04-8559223
The department is responsible for the medical information database of the medical records and patients' portfolios.
Responsible for the administrative operation of the reception desk, release and ward-assignment of patients, as well as for the depositing of valuables at the ER, for patients that arrive unaccompanied by a family member who can take hold of their valuables.

Manpower - Human Resources
Manager: operation 

Phone: 04-8559240  |  Fax:   04-8559216
The department is responsible for the recruitment procedures, recruitment and development of employees at the medical center and attending to their needs and realizing their rights and obligations from their absorption and until their retirement.

Manager: operation  

Phone: 04-8559231  |  Fax: 04-8570468
The security system is responsible for protecting the medical center, while maintaining normal daily activities and maintaining the safety of patients, visitors and employees of the medical center.

Computer and Information Systems

Phone: 04-8559229  |  Fax: 04-8559216

Responsible for all the computerized systems and the promotion of the information systems technology at the medical center, while maintaining information security according to ISO Standards.


Treasury - Finance

Phone: 04-8559220/1  |  Fax: 04-8559293
Managing the financial system of the medical center. Responsible for all the activities and processes related to the management of funds, including revenue collection, contracting management, payments, budget control and submitting financial reports.

Economy Department
Yard cleaning + textiles conveyance
Manager: Conveyance  

Phone/Fax: 04-8559397                        
Responsible for the supply of textiles and their conveyance to the staff and patients, local laundry services and providing supply to all the center's units, cleaning the entire areas of the wards, clinics and public space.

Manager: ______________ 

Phone: 04-8559200/273/392  |  Fax:  04-8559273
The department is responsible for the regular maintenance of the entire systems and infrastructures of the medical center.

Manager: Conveyance 

Phone: 04-8559252  |  Fax: 04-8559216
Responsible for advising the management, infrastructure development, refurbishment and construction throughout the medical center.


Phone:  04-8559212  |  Fax:  04-8559216
Gathering statistical data regarding the hospital's activity, conducting financial evaluations and forecasts for the management of the medical center. Conducting financial feasibility studies of purchase and writing position papers.

Manager: __________ 

Phone: 04-8559387/8/9  |  Fax:  04-8559390

The department is responsible for the procurement, storage, and distribution of products to all hospital wards.


Legal counseling:

Attorney ___________  

Phone: 04-8559385  |  Fax:  04-8559210



Phone:  04-8559383/4  |  Fax:  04-8559390
Responsible for the food system and its supply for patients and staff members. The food system includes the kitchen and main dining rooms, as well as ward dining rooms.

Transportation coordinator;

Phone:  04-8559232  |  Fax:    04-8559241
The department is responsible for the Shuttle transportation in shifts, collecting and transporting the nursing sector, while addressing every need related with the transportation of employees and patients, as well as for the transportation of equipment outside the center and to it.

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