Treatment residence - intensive

Director - Social worker Dr. Shifra Shabat 04-8559317
Psychiatrist as necessary
Nurse in charge    
Qualified nurses    
Social Worker    
Visiting hours: 08: 00-20: 00

Residence staff includes:

The treatment residence are located within the Mental Health Center complex, and is intended for mental health patients unable to live within rehabilitation programs in the community, and who are in need for guidance and assistance in all areas of life.

The residence provide a supportive and guiding home in a warm and homely atmosphere, designed to allow residents to enjoy good quality of life, in order to prepare them for living in the community. The location of the residence within the Medical Center complex allows residents to enjoy the services of the hospital, along with availability of community services.

Services available to residents at the residence:

  • Medical treatment and follow-up - nursing, both by hospital staff and at HMOs in the community.
  • Social care and follow-up.
  • Multidisciplinary team work that combines the knowledge of the entire staff in evaluating the patient, designing a personal treatment program, and in its implementation. The personal program includes the establishment of long-term goals and short-term objectives, designed for the resident and with his/her cooperation, upon its absorption, and its updating throughout the entire evaluation period.
  • Every resident is assigned with a personal therapist who is responsible for the implementation of the treatment program.
  • Treatment and social groups are available: Current events, personal and environmental hygiene, animal-assisted therapy, healthy nutrition, interpersonal relationships, and more.
  • Residents gain daily skills training, while realizing the potential to maintain these skills independently.
  • Residents are engaged in rehabilitation work within the center and outside it, depending on the progress of the resident.
  • Residents are guided how to make efficient use of their free time.

The treatment residence staff is acting to support and maintain the relationship with the families, and regards these relations as a major factor that contributes to the progress of the patients.

Reference to this framework is made by applying to the Haifa District psychiatrist Office professional committee.

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