Maor School

School's principal: Mrs. Yael Levin

Phone / Fax:


E-mail: [email protected]
Secretary: Orly Tuito 04-8559372
Address: 17 Haela St., Tirat Carmel 3911917

School staff includes: Director, class teachers, subject teachers, counselor, art therapists, occupational therapist, assistants and guides.


Maor School at Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Center is a special-education school officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, for students aged 12-21 with severe emotional and mental disturbances that requiring hospitalization at the youth inpatient department or the youth outpatient department. The students remain in the educational setting as long as medical treatment in a hospital setting is required. Approximately 95% of the patient students come from mainstream education settings.


The school serves a wide-area population from the Galilee in the north to Samaria, and Hadera area in the south, including Haifa, its suburbs, Hof HaCarmel settlements and more.


Maor School takes active part in the therapy / education / rehabilitation work carried out at the inpatient and outpatient departments. Students receive a combination of psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy, art therapy and studies according to the curricula of the Ministry of Education, customized to each student according to his/her needs and abilities, including the ability to study and take the matriculation exams. 


Goals and objectives of the school:

  • Improved achievements and closing down educational gaps during admission in view of each student's ability and in accordance with his mental/emotional health.
  • Encouraging normative social behavior and taking social responsibility.
  • Setting programs preparing for independent living in the community and designing training and vocational rehabilitation programs.

Maor School was awarded a District Certificate of Excellence by the Ministry of Education, Haifa district for the school year 5774, for exhibiting initiative, creativity and meritorious achievement.

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