Ward 6B - psychiatric for hospitalization at an active state

Head of ward: Dr. Alexander Shulkin 04-8559340
Secretary: Ms. 





[email protected]
Head nurse: Mr. 04-8559715
Specialists in psychiatry: Dr. 04-8559298
Dr. 04-8559337
Social workers: Work days Sunday - Wednesday 04-8559311
Work days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 04-8559311
Occupational Therapist:   04-8559345
Public reception by various staff members will by prior arrangement.
Nurse Station Phone: Restricted wing 04-8559309
  Open wing 04-8559338
Public phone: Open wing 04-8575300
Restricted wing 04-8573300
Visiting hours at the ward: From 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.
At the closed wing the number of visitors per patient is limited to two visitors at a time.
Please maintain visiting hours to allow inpatients to receive full treatment and rest.
The treatment at the ward is for both inpatients and outpatients, depending on the patient's medical condition.

The ward includes a clinic which treats people who were released from the ward. Public reception is on Tuesday, by apportionment.
Ward description:
A psychiatric ward that provides treatment for women and men aged 18 to 62, who require treatment as outpatients suffering acute psychotic states and mental crises. The objective of the treatment is to achieve a state in which the patient can return to optimal treatment in the community.
Treatment approach at the ward
The approach combines bio-psycho-social treatment through a holistic perspective, while taking into account all the components of the patient's personality. Types of treatment provided: Individual and group psycho-therapy treatment and medication. The job of the ward's multidisciplinary staff is to accompany the patients and families in their darkest times and provide a source of support and guidance while demonstrating sensitivity.
Ward structure
Closed wing - hosting patients in an acute (severe) condition, who need a protected setting.
Open wing - hosting patients whose condition has improved. This division allows providing follow up treatment and guidance to the hospitalized patient from the period of his acute condition, through his intermediate states and until his transfer to the stage of being an outpatient under clinic follow-up treatment.
The ward is recognized for General Psychiatry internship by the Scientific Council of the Medical Association.
Activities that take place at the ward
The ward guides patients' groups focusing on various treatment and rehabilitation subjects, as per the treatment approach:

  •  Interpersonal communication development - The Group's objective is to invoke positive or negative emotions through different activities and to reinforce the importance of interpersonal communication between patients. Developing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Animal assisted therapy - treatment using animals is intended to raise self-confidence, improve self-esteem, relief fears, helping patients to cope with events such as illness, and creating positive experiences of success and satisfaction.
  • Training for healthy nutrition - the group helps patients to learn healthy eating habits and prevent obesity.
  • Preparation for leave - some patients need to refresh their etiquette and social requirements, in order to promote their social integration, and to prepare patients for their release to the community, and all this in order to prevent re-hospitalizations.
  • Medication training - aims to raise awareness to the importance of taking medication, awareness to potential side effects, and to provide information on ways of dealing with these situations.
  • Health News - The group's objective is to develop awareness to and knowledge of various health issues.
    Writing Therapy - The group's objective is to process the hospitalization experience and promoting a supportive relationship between patients.
  • Rights and responsibilities group - the target of the group is to provide explanations and guidance regarding the rights and responsibilities of patients during hospitalization.

Sports and board games - table tennis, basketball, workout in the morning and more, in the attempt to encourage physical activity during hospitalization.

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