Ward 4 - Sustained hospitalization

Head of Ward: Dr. Sarah Hebron 04-8559302
Department Secretary: 04-8559318
Head Nurse 04-8559352

Psychiatry Specialists:

Psychologist 04-8559398  
Social Worker 04-8559398 
Occupational therapy instructor 04-8559418

Graduates of advanced course in psychiatry 

Nursing staff: Qualified nurses with bachelor's and Master Degrees, practical nurses, and auxiliary staff

Nurse station Tel  04-8559300
Public phone at the restricted wing: 04-8571509
Public phone at the open wing: 04-8573209
Visiting hours: Daily from 10: 00-20: 00
Meetings with the medical staff / social worker / psychologist by appointment.

Ward description:
The ward's treatment approach is bio-psycho-social out of a wide and legal perspective of the patient as a person, along with medical issues in the family, social and economic aspects. Every patient admitted to the ward goes through a thorough evaluation by a multidisciplinary team, working in collaboration.

Treatments are provided in both group and individual patterns. A "treatment coordinator" is assigned to most patients, whose job is to formulate and implement a rehabilitation program.

The ward is divided into two wings: Men and women.
Restricted wing / Women:
15 hospitalization beds, hosting aged 18-62. These women suffer from mental diseases and disorders that require treatment within a restricted setting, who due to their emotional state, or due to moral and religious considerations, are not recommended to be hospitalized in a mixed gender ward.

The restricted wing offers in-ward occupational therapy, provided to most of the patients during morning hours. In addition, there are various other groups such as:

Dynamic group - hosted by a psychologist and an occupational therapy instructor. This group allows processes for dealing with various problems faced by the patients during their daily lives. Walk group - a group focused on improving the physical fitness of the patients, which is highly essential for their operation and which contributes to a sense of "togetherness."

Modelling clay molding group - a group that offers non-verbal methods for emotional and sensual expression. The molding itself allows inner peace and offers healing benefits.

Movement therapy - which relies on the body-mind relation, the common conception is that the treating the body can lead to an improved emotional state, through the movement experience the patients can express themselves. This group allows working on one's emotions and combines different movement techniques. This process promotes emotional, physical, social and cognitive integration. The group contributes to personal growth through interactions between the body and mind.

Animal Therapy - the encounter with the animals alleviates the sense of isolation, improves social skills, and creates interest among the patients.
Beauty care - provides patients with tools for maintaining personal hygiene and for gaining a sense of empowerment, while improving self-esteem among all the participants.

Healthy nutrition - helps patients learn about healthy eating habits and thus promotes the importance of healthy nutrition.
Emotional airing - this group's objective are to reveal positive or negative emotions through different activities and to deal with feelings within a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

Medical clown - who arrives to cheer the patients and make them laugh and relax. It is a known fact that laughter improves mental functioning in many areas.

Board games - for the enjoyment of the patients. These games enhance concentration abilities and contribute to handling stressing conditions, to foreseeing moves in advance and to a pleasant atmosphere, which contributes to good communication between the participants.
At the end of the hospitalization period, subject to their abilities and emotional and social state, the patients are released to suitable frameworks.
Open wing / Men:
23 hospitalization beds. This wing hosts hospitalized men aged 18-62, patients with limited performance skills, who need assistance in their basic functioning, in order to preserve, restore and promote the functional abilities of the patients, according to their individual abilities. To achieve that the patients undergo during their hospitalization period a gradual rehabilitation process and are released to a rehabilitation framework within the community that suits the needs of the patient in the community.

The treatment program relies on teaching daily life skills, in consideration of the individual needs of the patients.
Some of the patients in the open wing engage in one main occupational therapy at the carpentry shop, crafts, Laundry and petting zoo.
The ward offers joint activities such as: Board games, computer games and a walking group.

Every month patients' birthdays are celebrated and in-ward entertainment events are held, which create a positive atmosphere that constitutes a microcosm of a family unit and a sense of belonging.

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