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Psychiatric Nursing philosophy
At the Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center we focus on high professional standards, always ready for professional challenges, innovations and breakthroughs in the professional field for the welfare and improved life-quality of the patients.
Nursing's world of knowledge, which relies on eclectic knowledge in the biopsychosocial field, allows for great maneuverability in handling and operating decision-making processes, which are modularly fed by a variety of content worlds in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

We strive and act to adapt the knowledge and treating methods to the changing demands and needs of the patients and their families, to progress and evolve with alongside the in social, economic, technological and professional changes.

We act to promote physical and mental health throughout the entire treatment continuum. The clinical activity in acute enduring situations, focuses on palliative care, while promoting rehabilitation programs and guidance processes towards the release to the community.

We focus on activities which main contribution is in providing tools and knowledge to the patient. These are intended to assist him in achieving independence, recognition of his abilities and a behavior that would allow him to function within his natural environment, to properly consume his medication, to recognize the signs of his illness and to deal with them to prevent deterioration. As well as to maintain his quality of life and yield the achievement of goals of potential realization and self-fulfillment.

Nursing believes that the patient, his family and other significant parties in his life have the right to receive high-quality care and services that meet standards of protecting human dignity and the rights of patients, anchored in the professional ethical code.
In practice
Once a patient's is admitted ad until the moment of his release, systematic and well-structured nursing intervention is being provided.
Admission => Hospitalization => Release

  • Forming an initial contact with the therapists and getting oriented around the ward
  • Data collection
  • Making evaluations                                               


  • Meeting with the personal therapist
  • Joint formulation of a treatment program
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Stages assessment and program update


  • Making arrangements with other relevant treatment entities
  • Providing advice and guidance for the future, such as regarding independent administration of medication and assuring regular future follow-up.
  • Summary of hospitalization. 

The human resource
"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."
(Proverbs XVI)
The human resource is the main therapeutic tool in mental health. Therefore, we invest considerable resources in recruiting, absorbing and training new professionals.

Currently the nursing staff is made up of qualified professionals of all levels.  Many have academic training, specializing in mental health and other relevant specialties such as: Geriatrics, emergency medicine, and more. In addition, special training qualifications such as in psychotherapy, group facilitation, rehabilitation and so on.

By recognizing the human resources as a main tool in our operation, we constantly act to provide programs for the development of the team and for inner organizational training.
Student training - Melting Pot
The qualified nursing staff of the Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Medical Center, serving as a university center affiliated with the Technion, trains nursing students and trainees from basic courses at all the various wards of the center, who are referred to the center from the following institutions:
Haifa University, Jezreel Valley College, Bney Zion Nursing School, "Hillel Yaffe" Medical Center Nursing School of Nursing in Safed, The center for vocational training next to the Rambam Medical Center,
Nazareth Academic School of Nursing and other Nursing schools as needed.
The goal is to expose nursing students to an environment of mental patients and/or to various clinical situations encountered at different life episodes, as well as to shatter stereotypes, to learn the aspects unique to this field, to acquire treatment skills, and to serve as change agents equipped with the knowledge and ability to change and influence.
The knowledge and professionalism of the nurses of the Maale Hacarmel Mental Health Medical Center are a lodestone for students and professionals during their training process. The students form the reserves for the professional human resource at the center. Training is a source of professional pride and mutual enrichment, it preserves the spirit liveliness and constant continued learning and development.

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