The center's committees

The center's committees serve to put in motion and promote selected operations in the organization in line with the policy of the Ministry of Health, the Civil Service Commission, and all in order to promote the treatment and service provided to the patients, their families and the employees of the center.

  • Senior Quality Steering Committee - engaged in the formulation and approval of an annual and multi-annual program for promoting quality and excellence and for monitoring its implementation. Based on the provisions of the Civil Service Commission in the chapter dealing with quality and excellence (Chapter 60.1 Quality and Excellence Management).

  • Public complaints processing committee - engaged in concentrating and handling all the complaints presented by patients, relatives and visitors.

  • Risk Management Committee - engaged in the identification, analysis, evaluation, prevention, and alleviation of risks and harms to patients, visitors and the staff of the center. Constitutes a part of the treatment quality assurance process.

  • Risk Management Subcommittee for addressing the issue of violence among patients - acts to monitor the phenomenon, designing a training program for the employees and introducing new technologies to reduce the phenomenon.

  • Committee for domestic violence, sexual abuse and neglect of minors and helpless - the objective of the committee is to deepen the quality and continuity of the treatment of victims of domestic violence and achieving cooperation with services in the community. The committee concentrates data for monitoring the phenomenon in terms of its health-related aspects at the center.

  • Safety Committee - established under the instruction of the Ministry of Labor and acting to map the accidents and safety hazards at the center's area, investigating accidents and handling defects accordingly.

  • Ethics Committee - appointed in accordance with the Patients' Rights Act and operating in accordance with the law.

  • Helsinki Committee - engages in securing the rights, safety and welfare of subjects of clinical trials, inter alia, by examining and approving the clinical trial protocol and informed consent form.

  • Medical research supervising entity - supervises by implementing the trials in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health in all the hospitals where research is carried out.

  • Information Security Committee which roles include: Expanding the policies and procedures of the unit in the various areas relating to information security. Formulation, approval and control of an organizational information security program. Determining the level of security required for the different systems as per their sensitivity. Current update regarding information security activities. Assessment of the unit's risk rates and setting goals for continuous improvement in the field of information security. Remaining updated regarding any occurring information security incidents and discussing the ways of coping with them.
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