Words y the Head of the Center

Dr. Jacob Folakbitz, the head of the center (Enlarge)

Welcome to Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center site, a branch of the Baruch Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, serving a population of about 500 thousand people. As a psychiatric hospital we treat a population of mentally disabled ranging from children to the elderlies. 
I invite each and every one of you browse our website, which offers a glimpse into the life in our center and into the complex, professional and sensitive work that we do, in our encounter with mental illness and rehabilitation of patients. The website provides information about the range of services provided, hospitalization wards, various units and clinics, the immense research and academic endeavors and the versatile services provided to the community.
Work at Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center is done as a teamwork involving professionals from various fields through a medical, psychosocial and social approach, while the medical staff considers every aspect of the patient's life - family, social, economic and professional, while maintaining his dignity and rights. We are proud of the intensive rehabilitation work carried out at the center both during the hospitalization period and in the follow up escort provided to the patient after his return to life in the community, while applying the contemporary approach of maintaining the treatment continuum. 
The center utilizes employees representing a wide range of mental health professionals, in order to allow our patients to enjoy a wide range of treatments. Health professionals at the center make sure to keep up with the professional developments in the medicine, nursing and paramedical sectors, and expand their professional knowledge. The center is a center for learning, training and qualification of medical professionals and students from various disciplines.
The center's staff members are available to the target population at all times, while people in need of help can contact the center around the clock through the emergency room of the hospital, or during work hours through the clinics located in the hospital.
I hope that our new website projects to the public openness and friendship, promotes the general population's access to the center's activities, improves the access of patients and their families to what goes on at the center, and enables better interpersonal communication between the center's consumers and the staff at their service. We try to update the site regularly in order to present an updated picture of what is happening here, and I hope that we can provide a proper response to each and every applicant. 

Best regards, 
Dr. Jacob Folakbitz
Head of the Center


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