About the center

 Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center, which is branched to the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, provides treatment to a variety of mental disorders among teenagers, adults and the elderly, aimed at improving the mental health and functioning of patients, in consideration of ad with the help of their families. The treatment is provided with a sense of purpose and a desire for constant improvement.

The center serves a population of half a million people, living in Haifa and its suburbs, the Krayot, at the north, Kiryat Tivon and an Nesher in the East, Carmel City, Tirat Carmel, to down to Atlit and the Carmel beach towns in the south.
Treatment is provided:
As part of an inpatient rehabilitation setting within seven wards that include the Youth ward, the psycho-geriatric ward and regional wards. 
As part of an ambulatory setting of day care services that include: A Youth Day care ward, an occupational therapy day care service, as well as a children and youth clinic, adult clinic, and a clinic for the elderly. 
Within the community; At clinic extensions in Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Shmuel, Tivon, Nesher, Daliat El Carmel, at the station for the treatment of children and adolescents located at Hadar in Haifa, and at the Kishon Detention Center extension - designed to carry out ambulatory examinations of detainees, under an order for mental evaluation if possible. 
The hospital includes a temporary housing unit - the intensive treatment residential unit, hosting patients with functional characteristics and rehabilitation potential for progressing toward residence outside the hospital.
"Maor" School - forms an educational setting for the inpatients of the youth ward and the youth day care unit, which combines psychotherapy, studies according to the program the Ministry of Education and vocational preparation.
Tirat Carmel mental health center is a branch of the Technion Medical School and serves as a center for research, teaching and internship in the fields of psychiatry for medical interns and medical students.
In addition, the center is a focal point for clinical experiences of students studying nursing, social work, psychology, criminology, occupational therapy, drama therapy and art therapy, from Haifa University and other academic institutions in the north.
At the center. Which resides in the foothills of Mount Carmel in a natural forest overlooking the sea, emphasis is put on landscaping and aesthetics, in order to create a well-kept, calm and pleasant environment for the patients, their families and for the staff. The hospital repeatedly wins the annual beauty star award, and this year it had won the Beauty Flag awarded by Council for a Beautiful Israel in its Beautiful Hospital in Beautiful Israel competition.

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