Laboratory and institutes

Director of the Institute: Dr. Roni Peled, a neurology specialist.  
 Institute technician: Ms. 04-8559254
The Institute operates on:

Mon., Wed., and Fri.         
At: 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

And on Friday until 13:00


The Mental Health Center works in collaboration with the Rambam Medical Center.
For further details:
Rambam Medical Center Laboratories
The following tests are carried out by the laboratories; 
Blood test:
Chemical tests, hematological tests, testing for drug remains in the blood, endocrinology, B12 test, hepatitis B.
Urine tests: 
General urine test, pregnancy test, drugs.
EEG Institute

The tests at the institute are available to the center's patients and the patients of the adult and pediatric clinic. 
Subject to medical necessity. 
Electroencephalography) EEG)
Testing the electrical activity of the brain. Electrodes that are attached to the scalp detect electrical signals in the various regions of the brain. The signals are transferred through cables to a device that produces a corrugated pattern on a moving paper roll. The test is primarily used detecting epilepsy, and sometimes for detecting and locating structural brain diseases, such as tumors.  

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